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Crushing & Recycling

Crushing & Recycling are a fundamental part of our business

Crushing & recycling of building & other materials is an integral part of the demolition process and we have developed the systems & equipment necessary for these key activities as can be seen from our photo gallery below .  

Dolan Civil Engineering & Demolition have designed & developed, in-house, a bespoke Concrete Crusher which will remove the re-bar steel from reinforced concrete. Pictured above on the right, the crusher pulverises the reinforced concrete into smaller parts and the re-bar is removed by means of large electro-magnets positioned over the waste conveyor.

We recycle the full range of waste streams found on a modern demolition site.

If you have a need for heavy duty crushing & recycling services, please call us on +353-1-2028238 or simply fill in your details and send them to us using the form on the right of this page.