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We adhere to stringent environmental guidelines & recycle as much as possible!

 The nature of our business is such that environmental issues are in integral part of our activities. On a day to day basis we are dealing with issues such as asbestos removal, oil spillages, hazardous chemicals and other material & activities that can have an environmental impact.

All of our operations have to be carried out in accordance with the most stringent environmental guidelines and our objective at all times is to recycle as much as possible and to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

If you have an impending demolition or re-location project and you are concerned about the environmental impact please get in touch and we would be pleased to go thru the issues with you. Just give us a call on +353-1-2028238 or simply fill in your details and send them to us using the form on the right of this page.

Services Offered

  • Decommission and Re-mediation
  • Asbestos management removal and disposal
  • Asbestos product replacement
  • Site Clearance / decontaminations
  • Crushing screening recycling
  • Industrial salvage
  • Marine salvage