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Careful Dismantling Facilitates Ease of Re-assembly!

Dolan Civil Engineering & Demolition have extensive experience of major dismantling, removal & relocation projects. Typically, the dismantling jobs have that we have been involved in have required careful handling of expensive plant and equipment to ensure that it can be quickly re-commissioned at the new location.

Our photo gallery below shows some examples of the dismantling projects that we have been involved with.

If you are involved in a relocation or downsizing project that requires the careful dismantling, disposal and / or relocation of buildings, plant or machinery, please call us on +353-1-2028238 or simply fill in your details and send them to us using the form on the right of this page.

Services Offered:

  • Specialist Dismantling projects undertaken;
  • Dismantling of portal frame buildings for relocation;
  • Dismantling of factory plant and equipment;
  • Removal and relocation of factory plant;
  • Plant & Equipment Removed For export;
  • Heavy Duty Skates & Jacking Facilities